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Sea Cadets go places — whether it’s abroad with our international exchange program or to sea aboard our nation’s great Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine ships. Our alumni go places, too. Sea Cadets maintain good academic standing and graduate from high school. Many of them go on to excel at service academies and other two- and four-year universities. Our alumni take with them a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie and excellence and go on to live lives of service and leadership. While Sea Cadets are not required to join the armed forces upon graduation, they do so at very high rates. Our alumni often come back to us as volunteers, determined to give back to the program that gave them so much. When we ask our cadets to chart their course, we are asking them to not only make the most of our their time in the program, but to use the resources they are given to develop a vision for their future.

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a non-profit youth program for Americans

ages 13 to 17. We are composed of more than 380 units in 48 states,

Guam and Puerto Rico. We provide compelling, life-changing programs that

instill the values of teamwork, discipline, camaraderie and service through

our passionate all-volunteer force and our partnerships with our nation's

armed forces.

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr (DD-850) Division Scuttlebutt


- The Command Staff from the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Division wishes all recruits attending RTC-NE 2015, the best of luck.

Good for our country,

Good for our armed services,

Good for America's youth.

In certain parts of America, the local unit represents our nation’s Navy — and they do this very well. Through untold hours of community service, our cadets honor our nation's veterans and make their communities more beautiful. Our cadets embody the fundamentals of citizenship and the value of being responsible and productive members of their communities. It's no secret that our program prides itself on being part of the Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine families. We believe that training received as a cadet helps to shape capable and competent Sailors and Officers for our maritime services and merchant marine. Each cadet who enlists or seeks a commission is a disciplined, well-trained individual. Our cadets and alumni often cite the feelings of pride, respect, and honor associated with their experience in the program. These immeasureable benefits are very important as they bond and stregthen our communities.


Chart your course